Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January Field Trip: Mt Wilson Observatory

Happy New Year Eco-Minded individuals! EcoLink would like to step into this year in a galactic way by visiting Mount Wilson Observatory on Sunday January 30th.

We are getting a special tour, so, this means a couple things. First, there will be a nominal fee which will be 5 to 10 dollars depending on the amount of people who go. And I need to know who is going. There is a limit of 20 people so please RSVP by this Saturday January 15th if you can commit to going (also, if you can drive). I am fronting the cash so if you bail on me I will hunt you down and give you a noogie; you have been forewarned. Second, weather conditions may abruptly impede access with very little warning. I may find out the morning of the field trip that we cannot go. If that is the case, you will be refunded and those who show up will most likely go to the Griffith Observatory. There are other concerns too, like parking and such but I will give you those details when you RSVP.

That is going to be a great field trip. To learn about the rest of the field trips and the state of the environmental community in our bioregion, feel free to attend the normal EcoLink meeting scheduled as always on the 4th Thursday of the month at the Unitarian Church on Atherton and Bellflower at 7pm. Among other important issues, we will be discussing some exciting wetland news as well as EcoLink goals for 2011.

To recap: field trip on Jan 30th to Mount Wilson but you need to RSVP by this Saturday the 15th if you are going. Also, EcoLink meeting on Jan 27th at 7pm.

Feel free to contact me at Taylor@tidalinfluence.com or 562-331-0226 for more information.