Sunday, April 17, 2011

Poppy Field Trip

We had a great field trip to the Antelope Poppy Reserve. Nine people braved the blustery day (we always have the weirdest weather for our trips) to explore the Reserve and see fields of flowers, beautiful vistas and a Mojave Green Rattlesnake. Check out the video of the snake at EcoLink's new Youtube Channel! A field of flowers: Owl Clover, Miniature Lupine, California Gold Fields, and several phacelias!
Part of the Poppy Adventure Team at Antelope Valley Butte Vista Point!

Monday, April 11, 2011

April Field Trip!!

April is a wonderful, wonderful month. There are a ton of Earth Day activities and people everywhere are finding creative ways to celebrate our home. The absolute best place to go for a great list of all the activities is the City of Long Beach's Office of Sustainability website:

One of the ways EcoLink is going to celebrate is to visit the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve this coming Sunday April 17th. The Poppy Reserve is a magnificent place with miles of color blanketing the valley floor and the slow rolling hills. I have heard that the immense colors of Poppies is less than usual this year but that means that the variety of wildflowers is up. Check this site out for photos:

We will be meeting this Sunday at the old Borders Parking Lot at Bellflower and Stearns in Long Beach at 10am sharp to carpool on out to Antelope Valley. This is going to be one of our longer field trips. It will be a 2 hour drive there, a bit of gentle hiking, a little picnic (bring a sack lunch!), maybe another hike, and a 2 hour drive back. We need drivers - please RSVP with if you can make it, if you can drive and how many people you can take if you can.