Friday, February 25, 2011

February Minutes


February 24, 2011

The meeting was called to order by Taylor Parker at 7:10 p.m.

In attendance –

Tiffany Chen, Dorothy Kimmeny, Bruce Monroe, Chris Ward, Taylor Parker, Kerry Martin, Joe Weinstein, Patricia Sidoti


Community Organizer – Tiffany Chen

Discussion of:

· Creative ReUse Day on Sunday February 27th @ Creative ReUse Depot

· CSULB Sustainability Mixer – Topic: Transportation -March 2nd

· CSULB Sustainability Mixer – Topic: City & Campus Initiatives - April 13th

· Sustainability Conference in July at CSULB

· April 9th – Many Events:

o LB Solar Grand Prix ’11

o LBWD Earth Day Celebration at the Aquarium of the Pacific 9-4

o Earth Day Art Show @ 430 E 1st St. 6-9pm at Catalyst Space

· 10-2 April 19th & 20th Tabling at CSULB – Earth Day Fair

Bruce Monroe – “The Movement” a continuation of Earth Day: A Having governments reduce their defense budget and allocate more of those funds to environmental concerns. Last Day of March: Beginning of PBS documentary of Plan B – 12 one show a week for 12 weeks. You can pledge to multi-generational responsibility of a specific place on Earth: Adopt-a-Natural Place. Go to Google Earth for details.

Global Climate Change map:

Green Party – Dorothy Kimmeny

Discussion of the Green Party activities.

Port of Long Beach – Patricia Sidoti

Discussion of the 700 gallon oil spill at the Port.

El Dorado Audubon—Kerry Martin

Discussion of the stream restoration and upcoming nature center events. Increase in volunteer participation. Visit the calendar for more information: – Chris Ward

Discussion of the McKibben’s Money Pollution: new campaign to attack the US Chamber of Commerce. Check for information.

Community Organizer—Taylor Parker

· EcoLink:

o Field trip to Crystal Cove on Sunday February 27.

o Discussion of LCW Restoration Design Talks to create an informal space for community engagement regarding the upcoming LCW design.

o Discussion of creating an essay contest for local students to demonstrate reflection of the anniversary of the Gulf Oil Catastrophe.


· Los Cerritos Wetlands Stewardship Program: Discussion of community-based restoration:

· Friends of Colorado Lagoon: Discussion of activities and upcoming Port of Long Beach restoration event on March 12th:

Next Field Trip: February 26th – Crystal Cove (meet at the Borders parking lot on Bellflower and Stearns at 10am)

Next Meeting: March 24th – Unitarian Church on Bellflower and Atherton